3D Welding Platform
Application Cases
  • Welding flexible platform manufacturer Chaod

    Swiss Boller Group is the world's largest manufacturer of grain machinery and equipment, with its subsidiary Boller (Changzhou) Machinery Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of feed machinery...
  • Electric vehicle frame customers found Chaod

    The robot welding industry chose him, the rail transit industry chose him, the automobile manufacturing industry chose him, and now the electric vehicle frame industry has also come to Chaode Machiner...
  • 3D welding fixture system to improve the qua

    Shijiazhuang Guoxiang Transportation Equipment Co., Ltd. is the largest professional manufacturer of railway vehicle air conditioning equipment in China. We have provided a professional porous welding...
  • Panasonic Group is the first to cooperate wi

    At a time when welding robot manufacturers were at a loss, Panasonic Robotics took the lead in cooperating with our Hebei Chaode Machinery Co., Ltd. to implement an overall welding solution plan of on...
  • A large collection of cases in the automotiv

    Currently, the manufacturing industry is undergoing a new round of industrial upgrading centered on automation, digitization, and intelligence. Whether it is Germany's Industry 4.0, the United Sta...
  • Chaode 3D flexible welding tooling helps the

    China has been the world's largest producer and seller of new energy vehicles for three consecutive years. Based on indicators such as market growth rate, industry chain maturity, and investment e...
  • Beijing Borman chose Chaode Mechanical 3D To

    Beijing Bormann is a French joint venture enterprise specializing in high-end metal doors and windows. Due to a request from a foreign client to use a 3D tooling platform for production, after multipl...



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  • Transportation and installation operation me

    Transportation and installation operation me

    The editor will briefly explain the transportation and installation methods of the welding fixture platform for your reference only.Transportation method: The platform and accessories are packaged in

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  • Hebei Chaode Mechanical Equipment Case: Gene

    Hebei Chaode Mechanical Equipment Case: Gene

    Hebei Chaode Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. designs and manufactures a universal rear frame spot welding fixture for customers. I will take you to understand the characteristics of this fixture: it is

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  • 3 meters by 2 meters cast iron platform inst

    3 meters by 2 meters cast iron platform inst

    The customer has purchased cast iron platforms of the same specifications from Hebei Chaode Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. twice in a row, and is very satisfied with the quality of the products and th

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