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Chaode 3D flexible welding tooling helps the new energy vehicle company expand, reducing its construction period by 40%!

时间:2023-09-14 17:25 来源:网络

China has been the world's largest producer and seller of new energy vehicles for three consecutive years. Based on indicators such as market growth rate, industry chain maturity, and investment enthusiasm, new energy vehicles have become a beautiful landscape in China's strategic emerging industries in recent years. Personal consumption accounts for nearly 75% of the annual sales of new energy passenger vehicles, and four Chinese companies have entered the top 10 global sales of new energy vehicles. With the rapid development of the domestic new energy vehicle industry, more and more new energy vehicle companies are beginning to rise, and consumers are also paying more attention to the new energy vehicle industry.

In our customer case, Hangzhou Maituo is a company that specializes in new energy vehicles. They learned about Chaode Machinery at a 3D flexible welding fixture exhibition and were very optimistic about our products, leaving a deep impression. When they needed to use 3D flexible welding fixtures to weld car molds, they naturally thought of us first.


3D flexible welding fixture exhibition site

In the initial collaboration, Maituo proposed a series of special requirements applicable to the trial production of new products. In terms of accuracy and material usage, it is proposed to surpass the solutions proposed by ordinary 3D flexible welding tooling companies. Chaode actively responds and continuously modifies the plan, tailoring customized one-stop solutions and services for Hangzhou Maituo. When encountering problems, we actively solve them. In the end, our solution received a lot of praise from the client!

After using our 3D flexible welding tooling, the product cycle is no longer as long as the tooling used in the past. The significant reduction in construction period can be described as a historic leap! In the application of Chaode's 3D flexible welding tooling, the cycle has been greatly reduced, surpassing ordinary tooling. Therefore, more and more new energy companies are choosing to cooperate and negotiate with us. It is precisely because the new energy vehicle industry requires a 3D flexible welding tooling platform, and Chaode Machinery must accelerate its pace to develop a tooling platform that is more suitable for the use of new energy companies. This is also a way for us to assist the new energy vehicle industry!

The self-developed three-dimensional flexible platform by Chaode Machinery can reach a length of 8 meters, making it the largest three-dimensional flexible platform in China. The service life of large-sized platforms is generally 10 to 20 years; After repair, it can still be used, and production strength and product quality are your top choices. To learn about the Chaode Mechanical 3D Flexible Welding Fixture Platform, please call the service hotline at 86+0317-8175586