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A large collection of cases in the automotive and construction machinery industries, looking for flexible 3D welding platform manufacturers to Chaode

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Currently, the manufacturing industry is undergoing a new round of industrial upgrading centered on automation, digitization, and intelligence. Whether it is Germany's Industry 4.0, the United States' return to manufacturing development strategy, or Made in China 2025, it cannot do without the development of industrial robots and their supporting technologies.   And the "3D flexible welding combination fixture", with its flexibility and reliability, can be perfectly combined with welding robots, especially in the welding field. Flexible 3D welding platform manufacturer Chaode closely follows the market pulse and produces corresponding 3D flexible welding platform products for major markets such as automobiles and robots, truly achieving Chinese manufacturing and reliable use! Military quality, trustworthy!

Caterpillar Corporation is one of the Fortune 500 companies in the world. Chaode, a flexible 3D welding platform manufacturer, has collaborated with Xuzhou Butter Company to successfully apply the complete solution of "3D flexible welding combination tooling" provided by it. Revolutionary cost reduction. The accumulated error of the three-dimensional flexible welding platform after multiple blocks of splicing and accessories (such as U-shaped square boxes, locking pins, quick compactors, anglers, etc.) is only 0.15mm, completely exceeding the accuracy standards related to welding. The "three-dimensional flexible platform" is used in combination with accessories, and its characteristics are: economy, flexibility, accuracy, repeatability, durability, etc., making new contributions to the construction machinery industry!


Chaode Mechanical Flexible 3D Welding Platform

Cases of Welding Fixtures in Automobile Manufacturing

Shenzhen Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd. was established in 1983 and is the largest listed company in the Chinese automotive industry. Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Dongfeng Motor Group, is the earliest and currently one of the top three comprehensive strength specialized vehicle and equipment manufacturing enterprises in China, mainly focusing on environmental sanitation equipment.

In 2016, the company's technical transformation department proposed a technological innovation aimed at upgrading the basic equipment supporting the welding field. At that time, our company sent personnel five times to thoroughly understand the welding production line of Shenzhen Dongfeng Environmental Sanitation Vehicle. From cutting to the final welding assembly, we utilized the flexibility and repeatability of the "three-dimensional flexible welding combination fixture" to determine welding solutions for four specifications and nineteen components. Shenzhen Dongfeng Company has sent personnel to our company multiple times to communicate and learn about our company's entire process from design, process, casting, mechanical processing, assembly, practical training, and other aspects. Finally, we passed the plan review at once. The application of the "3D flexible welding fixture" in the subsequent on-site field has greatly improved efficiency and accuracy, from the original private welding of two machines per shift to one machine per hour for two people (eight sets), Highly praised by users, we have now collaborated with multiple subsidiaries to fully leverage the advantages of "3D flexible welding fixtures".

XCMG Group (Engineering Machinery Industry Case)

Xuzhou, the capital of construction machinery in China. XCMG, never absent from your every success. When it comes to the construction machinery industry, it is well-known that the well-known domestic brand - XCMG Group. Ranked first in the Chinese construction machinery industry, fifth in the world construction machinery industry, and second in the top 100 Chinese machinery industries. Chaode, a manufacturer of flexible 3D welding platforms, has been cooperating with XCMG for many years, involving various types of products such as "3D flexible welding fixtures", "experimental platforms", "welding platforms", and "measurement platforms".

In the construction machinery industry, excavators are the first category of global construction machinery, representing the highest technological level in the industry. The welding part accounts for a considerable proportion. For many years, our company has been committed to the research and design of the "3D flexible welding combination fixture". In May 2016, we successfully developed the excavator main arm welding production line, excavator bucket production line, and the welding production line for the arm of the crawler crane. It is composed of many components such as the 3D flexible platform, frame bracket, movable bracket, locking pin, positioning ruler, positioning angle ruler, quick compactor, U-shaped square box, etc., which improves the quality for customers Enhanced efficiency and revolutionary cost reduction. By comparing traditional welding fixtures with "3D flexible welding combination fixtures," customers truly feel the significant improvement in efficiency and cost reduction.

The true strong are not simply won by scale, but by "innovation", "technology", and "quality". This is the essence of our persistence in climbing Mount Everest for many years.

In March 2017, German nanotechnology was introduced and the Materials Research Institute of Tsinghua University jointly developed organic nano coatings with characteristics such as corrosion resistance, salt spray resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and high temperature resistance. The "coating", "plating", and "infiltration" process has been successfully applied to the three-dimensional flexible welding combination platform.

Chaode Machinery's fixtures and accessories are all self-produced and self sold. Standard parts are kept in stock all year round, and non-standard parts can also be customized and produced for customers. Production strength and product quality are your top choices. To learn more about Chaode Machinery's flexible 3D welding platform manufacturers, please call the service hotline:86+0317-8175586