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3D welding fixture system to improve the quality of Guoxiang transportation products and enhance product quality!

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Shijiazhuang Guoxiang Transportation Equipment Co., Ltd. is the largest professional manufacturer of railway vehicle air conditioning equipment in China. We have provided a professional porous welding platform for Guoxiang to assist in the construction of China's high-speed railway. It is the first three position flexible welding tool used in the manufacturing of high-speed railway air conditioning vehicle equipment, ensuring product quality and improving product quality. At the same time, according to the specific requirements of carbon steel isolation required by customers, the platform and accessories have been sprayed.


Chaode 3D Flexible Welding Flexible Tooling Platform

Spray coating treatment is a new material process developed by our technical department to meet market demand. It is a high hardness and wear-resistant nano spray coating with advantages such as ultra-high hardness, excellent lubrication performance, wear resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, moisture and heat resistance, excellent easy cleaning performance, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It can also be customized according to customer specific needs, such as carbon steel isolation, insulation, etc., which can be perfectly solved, This technology perfectly solves the actual needs of customers, and is also a direct reflection of our focus on market demand and the urgency of our customers!


Train air conditioning

The unique product advantages of Chaode's porous tooling welding platform, combined with our professional and rich design experience, strong production and processing capabilities, and high-quality after-sales service, will definitely bring you greater benefits. Qianjin will be your best choice.

Chaode 3D Welding Fixture - a professional manufacturer of research and development, design, and production of 3D flexible combination fixtures. The self-developed 3D flexible platform can reach a length of 8 meters, making it the largest 3D flexible platform in China. The service life of large scale platforms is generally 10 to 20 years; After repair, it can still be used, and production strength and product quality are your top choices. To learn about the Chaode Mechanical Multi hole Tooling Welding Platform, please call the service hotline at 86+0317-8175586