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Beijing Borman chose Chaode Mechanical 3D Tooling Platform because of its good products and good service

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Beijing Bormann is a French joint venture enterprise specializing in high-end metal doors and windows. Due to a request from a foreign client to use a 3D tooling platform for production, after multiple investigations, Beijing Bormann learned that Hebei Chaode Machinery specializes in


Chaode Machinery 3D Flexible Welding Fixture Production Site

After using the 3D tooling platform manufactured by Chaode Machinery, Beijing Borman was very satisfied and praised Chaode Machinery for its excellent products and service; And promoted the 3D tooling platform of Chaode Machinery within its industry, while introducing Hebei Kangsheng Weiye Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to Chaode Machinery.

The self-developed three-dimensional flexible platform by Chaode Machinery can reach a length of 8 meters, making it the largest three-dimensional flexible platform in China. The service life of large-sized platforms is generally 10 to 20 years; After repair, it can still be used, and production strength and product quality are your top choices. To learn about the Chaode Mechanical 3D Flexible Platform, please call the service hotline at 86+0317-8175586