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Welding flexible platform manufacturer Chaode has won high recognition from Swiss Buller Group

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Swiss Boller Group is the world's largest manufacturer of grain machinery and equipment, with its subsidiary Boller (Changzhou) Machinery Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of feed machinery and complete feed processing projects. Our urgent customers are eager to meet their needs. The welding flexible platform manufacturer Chaode has customized the most reasonable and simple tooling solution according to the specific situation of the customer's products. The solution is 3 meters high and 6 meters long, while taking into account 16 different specifications of drawing models, ensuring strong product quality and improving efficiency.


Specialized tooling customization plan

The welding flexible platform manufacturer Chaode 3D flexible welding platform is made of cast steel/steel parts, which is sturdy and durable, and can be reused for different products and specifications. Finally, with the excellent user experience of Chaode, we won high recognition from customers!


Specialized tooling customization plan

This fixture is reusable and freely assembled, meeting the needs of customers to improve product processing quality and efficiency. It also helps customers solve the problem of high cost and non reusability of traditional fixtures, effectively reducing costs. With our professional design and manufacturing, customers can invest in it once and benefit from it for a long time. It has been highly praised by customers!


Buhler employees use the site, saving labor, time, high quality, and efficiency

Simplicity, efficiency, and practicality are the most reasonable! The leader of Switzerland's Buhler proudly said, "This equipment has set a record for the largest three-dimensional flexible welding fixture in the world for grain machinery

The unique product advantages of 3D flexible welding combination tooling, combined with our advanced professional and rich design experience, strong production and processing capabilities, and high-quality after-sales service, will definitely bring you greater benefits. Chaode will be your best choice!

Chaode Machinery - a professional manufacturer of three-dimensional flexible combination fixtures for research and development, design and production. The self-developed three-dimensional flexible platform can reach a length of 8 meters, making it the largest three-dimensional flexible platform in China. The service life of large-scale platforms is generally 10 to 20 years; After repair, it can still be used, and production strength and product quality are your top choices. To learn about Chaode Mechanical Welding Flexible Tools, please call the service hotline at 86+0317-8175586