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Electric vehicle frame customers found Chaode Machinery when choosing a 3D flexible welding fixture manufacturer

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The robot welding industry chose him, the rail transit industry chose him, the automobile manufacturing industry chose him, and now the electric vehicle frame industry has also come to Chaode Machinery to choose him. He is a three-dimensional flexible welding fixture. The three-dimensional flexible welding fixture has the characteristics of modularization, flexibility, high precision, and repeated use. If you also need to use 3D flexible welding fixtures in your industry, I would like to remind you that you can bring your workpiece to the exhibition hall of Chaode Machinery Workshop for on-site communication and trial assembly with technical personnel.


Communicate with customers in the exhibition hall of Chaode Machinery Workshop


Chaode Machinery Exhibition Hall Demonstrating to Customers the Solution of Using 3D Flexible Welding Fixtures for Electric Vehicle Frames

Hebei Chaode Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. mainly produces and sells three-dimensional flexible welding fixtures, cast iron platforms, and some large non-standard equipment. It is a manufacturer that integrates design and development, casting, production processing, installation and debugging, and on-site training. Located at No. 8 Zhenggang Road, Economic Development Zone, Botou City, Hebei Province, website: www.chaodezj.com, contact number: 86+0317-8175586