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Transportation and installation operation methods for flexible welding fixtures

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The editor will briefly explain the transportation and installation methods of the welding fixture platform for your reference only.

Transportation method: The platform and accessories are packaged in wooden boxes with packaging film inside to prevent moisture during transportation. The center of gravity point is marked on the outer side of the wooden box, which should be lifted and dropped flat during transportation. The inclination should not exceed 30 ° and should not collide with standard accessories.


Hebei Chaode Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. Product Packaging

The installation method is to open the wooden boxes and place them on sleepers with the platform facing upwards when transporting them to the construction site. The support legs are equipped with adjustable foot pads and support legs, ensuring that the three legs are slightly longer as the main height adjustment positioning, and the other legs are slightly shorter as the fine adjustment support positioning. The tool preparation includes at least one hexagonal wrench SW14, SW19, and 36 bayonet wrench or adjustable wrench each. One thing to note here is that when the horizontal inclination of the ground is greater than 15 degrees, it is recommended to use frame type universal wheel support.


Schematic diagram of Chaode mechanical platform lifting


Installation guide image for support legs


3D welding flat pre installed in Chaode Machinery Workshop


Photos of the pre assembly site of Chaode mechanical welding equipment

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