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Hebei Chaode Mechanical Equipment Case: General Rear Frame Spot Welding Equipment

时间:2023-09-14 17:05 来源:网络

Hebei Chaode Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. designs and manufactures a universal rear frame spot welding fixture for customers. I will take you to understand the characteristics of this fixture: it is suitable for multi specification product spot welding, expanding the scope of 3D fixture application; Modular non-standard component design, capable of quickly splicing different solutions; The original fast clamping mechanism can quickly clamp the workpiece, greatly reducing auxiliary time, saving time and effort, and ensuring reliable clamping; The positioning mechanism can move up, down, left, right and adjust, making replacement items fast and accurate; The unique design of the long slot hole on the column is more conducive to adjusting the clamping mechanism up and down, and can better adapt to the height of the workpiece.