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There are various types of fixtures, which can be summarized into the following three forms:

(1) There are three types of cantilever fixtures: 180 °, 90 °, and 45 °, based on the insertion direction and clamping force direction of the fixture. According to the type of clamping handle, there are manual spiral type, quick clamping type, short hexagonal screw type, etc.

(2) The compensating cantilever fixture adopts the form of inserting a round rod into a hole on the table, and the gap between the rod holes and the small flexibility of the fixture itself make the fixture have a tendency to drive the workpiece to deflect during the clamping process. To prevent such deflection, the company invented a compensating cantilever fixture. This type of fixture adds elastic expansion and contraction in the cantilever, resolving the lateral force during clamping, to compensate for the deformation of the fixture itself and the gap during insertion, ensuring that the clamping force of the fixture is consistent with the clamping direction.

(3) The quick fixture product incorporates manual or pneumatic quick fixtures from another famous German company, AMF. A wide variety of manual and pneumatic fixtures, such as vertical compression and horizontal push pull, are available through a φ The 28mm transition piece can be easily installed where needed.