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This series of 3D flexible welding combination tooling is specially customized by our company for Shenzhen Dongfeng, mainly used for the welding of environmental sanitation vehicles. We divided the vehicle model into several sub sets, welded and produced them one by one, and ultimately integrated all sub sets together. The consistency of the product is guaranteed, the quality is g

reatly improved, and the production efficiency is doubled. This plan takes into account three models at the same time, and the platform and accessories can be reused, The freely assembled fixture products have helped customers solve the problems of high cost and non reusability of traditional tooling, effectively reducing costs. With our professional design and manufacturing, customers can invest in it once and benefit from it for a long time, and have been highly praised by customers!


Our company has developed a tooling system for the environmental sanitation vehicle welding project of Shenzhen Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd


The smiles on the faces of the employees in Shenzhen Dongfeng Workshop are a great affirmation of our work

The entire design process utilizes 3D software to achieve professional product customization, which is more intuitive, practical, and reliable! At the same time, this project is also the first three-dimensional flexible welding combination fixture applied to large-scale environmental protection equipment in China. The unique product advantages of Chaode 3D flexible welding combination tooling, combined with our advanced professional and rich design experience, strong production and processing capabilities, and high-quality after-sales service, will definitely bring you greater benefits!


Dongfeng Environmental Sanitation Vehicle Body

Chaode Machinery - a professional manufacturer of three-dimensional flexible combination fixtures for research and development, design and production. The self-developed three-dimensional flexible platform can reach a length of 8 meters, making it the largest three-dimensional flexible platform in China. The service life of large-scale platforms is generally 10 to 20 years; After repair, it can still be used, and production strength and product quality are your top choices. To learn about Chaode Mechanical Welding Flexible Tools, please call the service hotline at 0317-8175817